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Pain, Love and Acceptance in Life Really Matter

In life we know how to accept and to give, but sometimes we are not like that, many of us want  to be with someone who will love and understand  us as a person, and who are always there to lean on when trials and sorrows came. It is a reality that we experience it in our life,  a fortress of life and a fugitive of pain that can harm us emotionally but we can depend on it for what it may cause to us.

The pain is a part of  rule in life that we cannot predict what will happen on the next couple of days or even an hour to keep ourselves not in pain. Everyone of us experience the unexpected pain, the pain that sometimes will not let us forget our past and the pain that will try to hindrance us to move on and do the right thing in the right time.

We all sailing in a deep passion of pain, a pain that is can sometimes be immeasurable and unexpected. A  different experience in life will definitely be our guide whether we want to be in good or in bad, but sometimes we always want be hurt by people who hurt us and dump us, it is a big challenge for us on how we can protect ourselves into that kind of pain.

A pain will sometime help us to realize our mistakes in life. Pain will teach us many lessons. Lesson to forgive, to move on, to set our priority in life, to solve our problems and to challenge ourselves in whatever endeavors that will come in our life. It is a big contribution for our well being that will push us through the maturing stage in our life.

But sometimes we accept the pain with purpose and it is always being an experience of anyone of us, and giving to someone you love will sometimes taken for granted, a long run to fulfill the road of emptiness for us. It  is always there to challenge us, but  rather to keep you stronger than before , but sometimes we keep silent for nothing that may cause a biggest error that we made. We can resumed it and make it as  right as possible.

Love is in the air as they said, but how about the pain you will earn after you love  someone?  Is love correlate with pain? Do we need to get pain when we are in loved? What are the consequences of being inloved? Is that what you called pain?

We do not know what will happen but we can depend on it, for once in a lifetime we made a decision to choose for, but we cant stop the pain to teach us how to stand for the better, a depression of a person can cause a serious damage with pain, it is not just a pain that can cause off but a pain that may develop ourselves to become emotional and physically affected when we experience depression in life.

Loving someone is not just a play that you can say I am out or I quit, but it is a serious action to do the best for your love one and to keep her/his trust worthy,  because if you loose it you will experience an unconditional pain that you never think and possible to be your biggest karma in life.

A vulture of feelings and cruising the edge of life are lots of hidden damage to be the executioner of all  the feelings for someone who are failure in love. Love is a circle of life with pain, trials, sacrifice of pride, and trust to be kept. We must learn from it…we must move on..whatever happens.


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