Walking Passion

A Real Walk of my Life

Someone Who Love For The Rest Of Your Life

A lifetime experience to my life is a journey to begin on me, experience to find someone who deserves to love and to care for the rest of my life, even it is not easy to find, for many reasons and fear to see the one who you wanted to be with you, a peace of puzzle that cannot be completed even in our dreams. In our life we both searching for the right person we wanted, the right person that we can able to love perfectly as what it does.

Many trials and errors that we can create for searching for the right person and finding some ways to see it, a person that will fit on you and become all yours forever. But when it came to you? We do not need to find but it will come perfectly as you wish for. Sometimes its not that easy happen for some reasons, a kind of reason that you decided. But if you can wait for the right time for a right person it is make you feel comfortable and inspired in all your activity, although sometimes it is your weakness and pain that will make you down and hurt you for quite some times.

But it is also your strength  that will guide for your goals  in searching a destined person that you never ever met before, a person you never expected to be with you for a short period of time and maybe it will come into a lifetime happiness of your life. A trial and error we have made can be changed by hope to see and find the person who we need for the rest of our lives.

Fixing everything may not be enough to show how you love the person and how you want her/him. But when we are starting to love someone we are able to prove everything for the person we choose to love and respect. Even it is not so fast to learn how to make a simple thing for her/him we always do something hard for this person we love.

A challenge that we never say I quit but we always say I can do it for  you, and I cant stop loving you until you realized that you love me too. A incidence that all of us know how to love and respect a person that special to us.


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