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The Smallest Things In Life Are Failures

Many things are made from small and become big, it is just a projection of lesson of giving someone a special treatment who you could be rather love at the end. It is not like what we are thinking, because making someone special for you is a hardest thing to do, it is a consequences how to keep her/him at your side to make it safe against to those who want to hurt him/her.

From small feelings to huge appreciation and become love to an unconditional feelings now become useless at the end.  Just keep on sailing to illusion of wanting and dreaming off, but it may broke when you met the person you want to be with you forever, fast action to a fast relationship, a foundation become a frustration of self- destruction as what all knows.

But sometimes small will remain small, it is like we are giving love but must not assuming that it will come for you, because sometimes we are going to fail at the end. A simple peace of time and changing things to do and become at peace of your entire life of dreaming off may harsh our emotions and feelings. A horizon of feelings and emotions as well as physical appearance will attract you, but you must aware.

Will frustrations become infatuations? Will illusions remain unchangeable? What will happen if small remains small and unconditional things will really affect your emotions or feelings? It may be hard for us to handle such kind of situation but sometimes we need to plan ahead of time in order for us not to be hurt of growing feelings that we have for a special person that may be our forever love.

We sometimes dream, we believe in fairy tales that has a happy ending and sometimes we amaze of the fast thing and unexplainable things that is happening in our lives even in many things that affect in our surroundings for being alone. Sometimes we assume of a perfect life, and yet we also assume for nothing. But one thing for sure, we want the best for us and for our lives.

We sometimes realize our mistakes, we sometimes forgive, we sometime get hurt, we sometimes let things to be done in the perfect way. The obstruction of feelings will really affect us in our daily life. It is like a broken glass that can never be return to its perfect form. Like in our life, sometimes when we get hurt, its hard for us to return back the feelings and fix the lost emotions.

When the time comes you will know the right answer for all your questions in life, even the answer for all your doubt in any aspects of yourself. Many consequences are in your mind, we may assume or we may not, what can i do and what can i do more. A symbol or sign to take a risk for love you want to give must always be present and will serve as our guide to move. A feeling of fallen heart is always in danger. And sometimes you are so afraid to have a repeat.

Sometime they ask their self, why I love this person? Why I need to keep this person? And why I am standing here to protect that person? It is because you love the person and you are showing your genuine feelings for this person, but it always end into a big problem that can cause you a big failure in life. A failure that can be a big nightmare!


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