Walking Passion

A Real Walk of my Life

A Journey of my Unpredicted Life

A  journey of past come into future that you never expect. I swear, it will bring your past back. But it is not like what happened before, because past is a teacher to a present, it is like a day and night that cannot predict the time of your past and take the same time of your future. It is my journey of life that no one can say that this is me.

A journey that I can express through language and letter that i am writing, as i bring myself into passion. A curiosity become an edge of my goals in life. A time that no one can tell what will really happen, but it definitely happen to anyone not only to me but to those who are thinking that they can keep their secret in lies and being mad.

Sometimes we can say ” I love you” after that “I hate you then Goodbye “. For a reason that anyone of us cannot say the word “I can’t “. But we always say “I can ” although the truth is you cannot do it or you cannot say it. All of us have an attitude to show their open identity but it is not the real person that show his/her real identity.

Unpredictable feelings made to be a second enemy of anyone of us. Because feelings can hurt you, destroy you or can fix you but not perfectly like what before. Emotions can be also be affected by feelings because if you feel like you are sad you feeling will take you down into hatred and now will totally destroy you.

It is not real maybe  it is truth to find what will happen when it came into your life as your teacher and become your enemy. A feeling and emotion combined in one reason, it is to take you out of yourself.


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