Walking Passion

A Real Walk of my Life

Cruise To Mistakes, Hope, Love, and Losing Dreams

Our life encounters big mistakes that will teach us how to act as you are, a crazy thing that always happen especially when you fall in love to a person that never seen before. From time to time you will realize why we love a person that is not existing in our presence? And because we fall in love out of nowhere we are still hoping that she/he will come soon to your life, change you for the better and take you to a new life of happiness. But when it came into a perfect  realization that you must take boundaries for yourself to protect from pain, simple thoughts that can change all your dreams to a nightmare.

Loving someone is hard to do especially when it came into a simple message but not seeing her/him in person. A situation that is hard for someone who fall in love and hoping that someday it will come into a happy ending. It is possible when it came into a fairy tales that we usually watch in the television and heard from the radio station. An incidence that always came into failure ending.

We always done things by many mistake to realize how special and how you treasure a person that you deeply love. A question here is not enough to be a mistakes but many trials will come to test you how you can avoid a pain from your mistakes. Being rude and paranoid maybe one of the result of all the mistakes you’ve done to the one you loved. A pathetic rule of love will push through a worst part but you need to hold and trust your love one in many ways to hold her/him at your side.

Sorrows, madness and hatred to yourself will make you cry, a cry that you never expect from the mistakes you’ve done, judging a person is not perfectly right but waiting for it make her/him proud for your patience. Trusting her/him in many ways even you see her/him in your eyes to say that this is the one that i love, the one that i will respect, the person who i perfectly waiting to finish my broken puzzle of heart.


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