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Biggest Banga in the World Found in Ilocos

The world biggest Banga is found in the country of the Philippines where the native placed it in a resort name “HANNAH”. The said biggest Banga it is located at Pagudpud. Ilocos Norte, a northern part of the Philippines where many beautiful places and tourist attractions can be found like some hidden treasures that never been exposed in various travel sites.

Maybe it not totally exposed but can be found in that place you choose as your destination for a vacation. Furthermore while you are driving and not riding on a plane, you will more enjoy your trip going to the place of northern part of the Philippines and witness all the beautiful attraction that can be found only in your way to Ilocos.

An estimated 4 days is enough for you to stay, but you cannot finish all your itenerary to see all the beautiful places of Ilocos in 4-days vacation. But if you wont rest and not be contented in any beaches you wanted to stay, you can see the half of the hidden treasure and landmarks of the northern part of the Philippines.

A creation and foundation of nature, culture and arts are on the coast of reality that this place have. The Ilocos is rich in beautiful nature that can be witnessed from generation to generation.It is the place where we can unwind ourselves and relax our mind  to all stressed that we are experiencing in our lives nowadays.


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