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Reality of A Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship is not easy for us. We can call it sacrifice of Trust, Loyalty and Faith in a relationship. Sometimes long distance relationship give us a chance to think what will I do for my loved one, but sometimes we are not thinking what will happen to our relationship if it will become successful or not.

When in comes to love, people don’t think what will happen next. They only know how it works  and how they feel in-love but  not thinking if one day they need to separate a distance by distance of miles away from each other.  It is the time you will think, “ do I have to wait or not”, because you are not sure if you will survive anymore, as you suffered in pain and hatred of  being naive.

Lots of things can happen when your partner is gone. We always pretend to be cool even it is not real. We can call it as a risk relationship for what it can do to  all of us especially when it comes to situation that we are not comfortable of being alone or without partner.

It is not totally risky because sometimes both side trust each other to survive their relationship in any aspect of trials and destined failures to come but no one can make it because many trials have to be faced and realized in order to survive. These are trials that you never forget and sometimes we are successful in fulfilling all the trials we had in a long distance relationship.

Otherwise they are in the same place or they can see each other everytime they missed each other. A hard decision will come to judge the relationship if it worth for them or not, the decision that can cause  hatred, pain and can be totally break up at the end.

Other relationships are bind for being submissive to each other, acceptance and opinions to their faults and both errors. Companions and pursuing the unpredictable time when it come to you, and when it happen, believe it or not it always happen to us.

Feelings, love and trust can survive the relationship, but when the trust will disappear, everything will vanish even the love will turn into a hatred for both side or who is involve to that relationship. As what they said ” let her/him go anywhere they want but do not expect they’ll be back to you, because it will hurt you three times when it come into a bad result”.


One comment on “Reality of A Long Distance Relationship

  1. sakshivashist
    October 7, 2012

    Interesting perspective!
    Although not just long-distance, any relationship depends on Trust, Loyalty and Faith!
    Keep writing, your writing is delightful read!


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