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Offer A Help, Do Not Expect in Return

Do not be too upset if some people can only seems to remember you when they need you and when they are present to upset you. Having many problems in life before as they are counting on you but when the time you need them they will never show themselves to help you and calm you as you do to them.

Feel privilege that you are like a beacon of light that comes to their minds when there is darkness in their life as they need your help instead of they must help you too, a usual attitude of someone who are not interested to help you and they only want is you to help them.

Like a fine crystal that when it come into a rejection they will throw it away because it is not useful for them anymore. On the other hands, it is showing that they never need you if they won’t use you in time of needs. In counting of help and doing many thing for them  is the hardest part to do and sometimes, you will think how to be remembered when you help them in many ways.

As they left you behind of sorrow and luck of problem in life they will not turn back to you and say I am here as one of your real friends. But they will not do it for you because of what they have now and what you have now. It is a poor little thing to expect from many people who only want is to help them as they say you are my friend if you can help them.

But when the times come that you cannot offer help or you cannot do anything for them they will left you behind especially when you need their help too. A fundamental attitude of many people who are always a pleasure but they do know how to give for those people who already at their side.


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