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A Real Walk of my Life

Pattern To Achieve The Goals

A pattern of goals to achieve was on our hand, it is like what we want to pursue in the future. It is one way of molding ourselves to become successful in future and dream of what we want to be in the future.

Once a person dream for his/her future, he/she is to do something to have his/her dreams in life to fulfill with patience and  love of his/her craft or passion in life.

Two ways to pursue our dream is to have a long patience to yourself. The ability to work for it and the strength to accept all the challenge that will come to you will help you so in achieving your dreams in life. As one of the dreamers in a future life, I am on my stage of renewing myself from bad side to a good one.

I need a lot of effort to prove myself. With all my faults and error in  my past life, I accepted my wrong doings and now changing my life to a good one.

Although it maybe too late to do it, but still I have the courage and perseverance of what am doing for now because I am thinking of molding my future for the better. Because all of us have the reasons for what life it could be done from the past, the important is what can we do to make it right or much better than before?

Moving forward to all of our faults and error maybe our teacher. Letting go our past life, specially if it is bad one will help us to have a better future. Sometimes we are wondering why we always have errors in life even we are not expecting it or we dont have an intention to do it. It is what we call attitude of all person and no one can say ” I am not like that.” because all of us have errors and failure in life.


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