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Reminisce Of The Past

A life of a human takes many memories to reminisce from their past and from each hour of their life in the past.  A normal reaction of a human insights that all of us, have this moment of remembering our past life. \

Even a childhood  activities or  an hour ago, the past will help us to move forward and will teach us lessons to become strong in facing the reality or present life.

But sometimes we only know how to live easily even though we are capable of remembering the things we have in life from the past. We are not looking for more chances and opportunity that can help us to fulfill our goals in life that we should have. Once in our life comes a decision that will help us to be a better person based from our past life.

Reminiscing the past sometimes will encourage us to think for what is the best for us and how we can contribute more in our present life. A systematic attitude normally is not being accepted when it came into a point that we cannot decide because we are thinking of our past bad experiences.

Decision making will always be affected when we reminisce our bad past. So better take yourself a challenge of just reminiscing the good one and not those past experience that gave you a more serious emotional effect.


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