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Taste And Criteria Of Food For Us

Many food that we are eating everyday, specially in the morning or even midnight will always give us the best or even worst mood at the end of the day. Eating is already a part of one’s lifestyle.

We have a favorite from each food we eat everyday. It is not just because we are food lover but we have a favorite taste to drive into our mind that this or that food is special to you.

A food that we always want to eat will give us energy to start the day. All of us have our own taste for the food we eat even in breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for a junk food that we are purchasing at the store.

A criteria of food that we want will always enhance and exercise our taste to buy. We all now about eating and we cannot stop eating for the food we love. Even we are out of control for the food we are still eating until we satisfied ourselves before we rest. Like what others do in their daily food dietary.

There is no person who doesn’t want to eat or make himself/herself hungry. We all want to eat even it is not good for our taste. We always eat it, because it is a part of our cycle, eating and eating. A nature of every human that can never be changed from generation to generation. It is our energy before we start to work, going to school, even before starting the exercises we need to do.


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