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Saying I Love You Does Not Count for a Real Love

Many of us can say the word I love You but did not mean it. A normal and sweet phrases to hear, and yet the much awaited phrase we want to hear from our loved ones. Expressing our feelings or emotion to other people might have a good or bad impact to the listener or that one that you are referring to. This is the main reason why we want to show and let the person we love to feel it and not only for the sweet word but in action and from the bottom of our heart.

Reality is not like we read in a book or having a happy ending from a movie or a television series. We are in real world, in real life and in real destiny to protect and prevent a situation that sometimes can cause us to commit big mistakes and errors in life.

There are some cases in reality of life that teach us to be precautious and to avoid us from hurting someone special to us. Sometimes we want them to be in a safe distance to prevent not hurting them but protecting them  for all those who want to hurt them. Loving someone is not only for the word we can speak but for the feeling that we can share to them.

A feeling that they can feel and express mutual as what we feel from them, this is what the title implied for. Love and caring for someone special is what we call the reality of love. It is better than to take the opportunity to let someone feel the real meaning of love, not only from words that you say but for real expression of feelings.


One comment on “Saying I Love You Does Not Count for a Real Love

  1. YourPassionToReality
    October 23, 2012

    Well said. Your insights are inspiring.

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