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Trials and Errors Give Us Challenge In Life

Despite all trials and errors in life, all of us can change and can prove something. For what we are doing and for what we are saying, we must always prove that we can do it as long as we challenge ourselves. Destiny as they, is the reality that we have in life now. But the question is, how this reality be perfect and nice and will hold us in the future together with our dreams and goals?

All created decisions based on what we think and what we should do. As we agree and condemn others, it is a particular belief that we cannot do something if we cannot start from within. We always have trials in life but should target for less errors. It is because we always pursue for what we want in life and for what we need to motivate ourselves in front of our friends, families and loved ones.

Trials can easily come to us and give us many challenges in order for us to be brave enough to solve it one by one. Sometimes trials in our lives do not give us a simple path to walk on, perhaps they will always require us more action, thrilling scene like a movie that we watch even on a television series.

Sometimes we only knew what we have done in a single day that we spend in work, school, and in the streets that we play. There are lot of trials we can solve, but the biggest trial in our lives is to have something we doesn’t know nor even expected to come.

A trials that can give us lot of errors that we choose to solve and finish just like a mathematics problem. These are problems that we need to solve in order to ease the pain that we are suffering in life. And at the end of those trials that we always encounter in life, there is happiness that we can feel and we be proud off at the end of the day. What will happen now in the future?

We must not give up but we need to face all the trials as possible as we can. These are challenges in our everyday life. Without these trials, we will not be so strong and strategic to face life and we will not realize someday that it was so nice to live a better life.


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