Walking Passion

A Real Walk of my Life

My Walking Passion for Life

This is my walking passion, a passion to write things that I experience, to achieve things that I have in my life and no one can take this passion from me but can learn from it. This is a passion of being me as I write all things that I have in my life, in reality and with every person that I encountered and became special in my life.

As it goes I started with a single journey to write and to learn more about myself and to think what can I can do more. It is not easy to learn more from your own passion because sometimes we are in a trench of losing hope and confidence within ourselves. Sometime we are in the midst of thinking for what is better for us. We are setting all our priorities in life for what we think that this is the better way.

You are right! This is a passion that we can all express for what we feel or even a place for what we have been through. It is also a passion for favourite food that we eat or a daily activity that we can write. If we want something we will do step-by-step to reach it as it is our goal and it will make us happy even better.

Experiences are considered as my outlet for my passion. Sometimes you will never expect for what will happen in the present and what will be the effect in the future. Enhancing your ability to write is one of the passions where you can say anything about yourself for what you feel and for what you want to achieve in life.

Sometimes we feel that we are not sincere for what we are doing, but we are still doing it for the sake of saying that you are doing it. Sometimes you are losing hope for one thing that you want to achieve in life and learning process will help you a lot in achieving those goals in life.

Listening to other people and learning from their experiences and advises will also help us to reach our real passion in life. We need to set all our priorities and mind of thinking for what is best for us. And someday we will realize that these people really helped us to become a better person. We should not get hurry for things that might affect our goals, time and effort in such a way that we want to avoid mistakes in life.

Exploring many aspects in life will help us more to learn, to love, to be fine, and to be a better person. 100% dedication and perspiration are keys to achieve our goals in life. And in that way we can say that our walking passion in life will be effective and fruitful not only for us but for all the people that evolve in our life.


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This entry was posted on November 9, 2012 by in Lifestyle.
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